Hearing Aids – The Technical Stuff

Below is a brief explanation of some of the latest technologies used to improve hearing instrument performance particularly in situations where background noise is prevalent.

Directional Microphones

Every hearing instrument has a microphone that picks up sound – more advanced hearing aids may have directional microphones which can actively change the direction from which speech sounds are received. This facility is particularly effective in situations where background noise may be an issue.



The more channels the more accurate your instruments will be in compensating for your hearing loss. Each channel processes a different frequency of sound and can be programmed to compensate for your hearing loss at particular frequencies. An entry level instrument with a limited number of channels will provide adequate sound reproduction allowing you to hear sufficiently in less challenging situations, whereas an advanced instrument with more channels will provide greater clarity and definition in all hearing situations.

Noise Cancellation Technology

The latest premium hearing instruments have been developed to actively recognise speech sounds and reduce as much as possible noise which might interfere with the listening experience.

Frequency Transposition

If you have a limited range of hearing it may be possible to fit a hearing instrument that shifts sounds from a frequency that you can’t hear to a lower frequency that you can.

Bluetooth technology

Just like the Bluetooth on your mobile phone this can be used to improve the functionality of hearing instruments. On a compatible telephone, your conversation can be immediately streamed to your hearing aids. It can also be used to listen to music from an MP3 player.

The hearing solution for you will depend on results from the hearing test, your lifestyle needs and your expectations of what the technology is able to do for you. Our objective, in partnership with you, is to improve your quality of life.
We have access to a range of the latest hearing instruments which are designed to perform in the most demanding listening environments to ensure you receive the maximum benefit in any listening situation.